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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 29, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> pam:tonight we've learned a stanford doctor who just returned from treating ebola patients in liberia is under quarantine in san mateo county. >> pam:catherine heenan joins us now with what we've learned so far.catherine? >> catherine: face say he is filling fine and he is cooperating with all of this doctor but has been working with the international medical corps he was not beneficial set for capacity. >> pam: the meantime the department of public health as issued new guidelines. >> pam: any person that his travel from the ebola virus area shall be quarantined
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for. of 21 days. >> pam: is decided on on the case by case basis. will be doing a couple of interviews to find out the risk of exposure if they're from one of these three countries countries or they're just traveling between the countries. based on that in their activity if they knew anyone that was ill all those things away in how they would be on corn ting. >> pam: alameda county's public health officer says some could be isolated at home some determined at low
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risk can stay in their neighborhoods as long as they keep track of their temperature and stay clear of large crowds and. >> pam: stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage. >> pam: 1 president obama is saying about health care workers treating all ebola patients. >> pam: happening now sampras's was ready to celebrate one game left game 7. >> pam: looking out over the civic center plaza it is all or nothing tonight the winner of tonight's game will be crowned. we have team coverage. >> pam: we begin with jay r.
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stone and kansas city. >> reporter: well and there's an electric atmosphere out here with game 7 of the world series in doesn't get any better than this. >> reporter: as for san francisco giants fans we are our number here but the game is on here and everybody's wind or jumblatt. receptor painful evening wear here is an amazing town. and now we hear from game 7 kick butt. you say some of doctor but he didn't take an extra and actors said a close. so this is what you're wearing to the bar to 48
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hours long. many people have their crowns on they had already. certain giants fans are aware of the sacrifice. your companion will i'm not showing his. >> reporter: a tell you so many unique experiences. they've decided only within the last few hours that they were guarded this did attend games 7. >> pam: and back here in
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home in san francisco excitement is building for the giants went to night scott rates is live at the center civic plaza. >> reporter: in a camp atmosphere out here is a lot different from the fans of yesterday and got the game's sixth. >> reporter: this is a must win >> reporter: many people on your watch the game on the big screen came seven. >> reporter: i saw them all over the place keeping a very close eye on things the security. >> reporter: the crowded little bit lighter than it was yesterday. >> reporter: still thousands have come out to enjoy the
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game. >> reporter: a lot of people go out here and at the crack of dawn to get good seats. >> reporter: if they went to nine is good to be crazy redundant >>: it is going to be nuts out here tonight. >>: all or nothing. >>: this is the last game of the season. >> reporter: they are pumped up and excited out here
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excited for game 7. >> reporter: this should be pretty loud and we expect more of the crowd to show up. >> reporter: reporting live at the civic center plaza plaza >> pam: if the giants when this evening the preparation be friday. >> pam: but we're hearing might be in wed parade. >> reporter: looking like the golden gate bridge and there's rain coming. >> reporter: we have warm temperatures today or on the bay area low 80s. >> reporter: 82 in sunnyvale 74 and 80 degrees in richmond. >> reporter: is see the clear skies of the bay area
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now. >> reporter: it's been kind of space near the past couple a days. >> reporter: will timeout that wayne and see how this could affect the trucker treaters in the game. >> reporter: >> pam: social worker in trouble with the law. and that's >> pam: 530 the nurse in maine this under quarantine. >> pam: and find out what city when first and which was worse.
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>> pam: larkspur in marin county and saint helena in napa grade of 40. >> pam: the best score went to bring what with the score of 86 alameda was next with 85. >> pam: say county received a grade of 40. >> pam: the three largest cities tepper been persistently average since
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2006 also was greeted at 60 san jose at 62 in san francisco at 65. >> pam: and team officials a as a given the budget troubles facing the state local governments is been challenging to prevent interest infrastructure from deteriorating. >> pam: plus getting to oakland's airport is about to get a lot easier.
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>> pam:a san mateo county social worker is facing multiple molestation charges. authorities allege he was old girl who had been under his supervision. >> pam:kron4's maureen kelly reports this isn't the firsthas been accused of sexual >> pam:a san carlos man is under arrest tonight.suspected in
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>> reporter: the social workers basis for several felony charges. obviously this was somebody that she should of been able to trust. >> reporter: he was employed as a social worker with the human services agency since 2006. up i'm shocked and appalled by his behavior behavior >> reporter: on july 15th another one of his female patients came forward. >> reporter: that case was closed within the county did its own review. we found issues with his work and we were prepared to deal with his employment.
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in light of these developments all cases will be reviewed. >> reporter: our attempts to reach him has been unsuccessful he will be arraigned december 1st. >> pam: a san carlos man is arrested tonight suspected an adult the stabbing redwood city. >> pam: jake monahan of stabbing a 32 year old man around 8:30 tuesday. the man later died at the hospital. >> pam: courthouse square onpolice later found monahan in the 600 block of warren street. >> pam: san jose police paid several people were led away in a routine sweep.
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>> pam:during a shooting rampage in county. another service is scheduled police paid a surprise visit >> pam:several people were led away described as a routine >> pam: jungle,' along the banks of coyote creek, off senter road. >> pam:the city's homelessness abatement manager says the sweeps are part of the on going effort to clean up the camps and root out criminal activity. >> pam: largest of several dozen people are thought to be living here. the camp is slated to >> pam: residents evicted in early december. >> pam:police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened last night near the berkeley
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marina. here are images of the >> pam:it happened around 8 o'clock market and deli at say the man was pronounced dead at the scene. >> pam:and then seeing a vehicle fleeing in the opposite direction. >> pam:authorities still have not found any suspects. the vicitm has not yet been identified. (hma) bart oakland airport- ots >> pam: >> reporter: another gorgeous day in the bay area. >> reporter: we do have sunny skies is still in the '80s. >> reporter: tomorrow maybe a little cooler will start
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infinities. >> reporter: rate is on the way tomorrow night and friday. >> reporter: tomorrow was delighted seventies and a few eighties. >> reporter: 75 and map all in the '60s and the coastline. >> reporter: here's the tail end of the storm is approaching the coast. >> reporter: it's expected to move men late tomorrow night and to the next morning. >> reporter: we're gonna be looking at three-quarters of an inch of rain throughout the bay area. >> reporter: sudden storms are expected to form. >> pam: our service is right
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around the corner. >> reporter: the new bart old service connecting packs passengers has reached or major milestone. >>: >> reporter: all around and see the final touches being put on the connector. it will be very easy to get on and off from more remote location. >> reporter: that brought wide would cost about $6. >> reporter: the system features for three car trains travelling and aloof every so many hours.
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>> reporter: >>: if you're flying into the oakland international airport to be staying in this week at the old del. >> reporter: fares are not being raised at this point to recoup any cost. >> reporter: in oakland. >> pam:a new 2.5-acre park at the san francisco cruise terminal plaza held its grand opening wednesday at 11 a.m. >> pam:the port of san francisco developed a primary terminal at pier 27 -- replacing the existing facility at pier 35. >> pam:this new terminal
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will function as the main point of entry for ships during the cruise season but will be available for rent most of the year for special events. >> pam: coming up next new rocket explosion. >> pam: how much pet owners are expected to shell out for halloween this year. of shaving stuff. and thankfully, being able to find backups.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups. >> pam: 10 arrived at the international space station with a fresh load of supplies for astronauts. >> pam:this comes after an unmanned american rocket exploded seconds after lift off yesterday in virginia. no one was hurt in the explosion. >> pam:the american rocket was carrying 5-thousand pounds of supplies. including hardware. computers. spacewalk equipment. and food. >> pam:investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong.
5:27 pm
>>: >>: >> pam:the explosion could create political pressure. in the continuing debate over how much space travel can or should be put into the hands of private companies. >> pam: coming up the bay area doctor from liberia and corn team. >> pam: giants fans are hoping there's team will be world series champs. bulldog: what's this?
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>> pam: theobald a crisis hits close to home we find the best doctor has been isolated isolated >> pam: he has been treating patients that were infected with ebola. >> pam: although he does not have any system he is taking his temperature twice a day. >> pam: he is avoiding close contact with others.
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>> catherine:thousands more u-s troops could be headed to west africa to help fight the ebola outbreak. while here at home - >> catherine:the squabbling continues over how far to >> catherine:push the idea of a mandatory quarantine. and a nurse in maine could be the center of a court battle. >> catherine:nurse kaci hickox said she was willing to stay at home today.but after that -- all bets are off. she's at her boyfriend's house in maine. >> catherine:and since returning from west africa after working with ebola patients.she's fought quarantine every step of the way. but u.s. troops returning from west africa will have to get used to the idea. wednesday - the pentagon agreed to a policy of 21 days of supervised isolation. >> catherine:thousand troops are already in west africa -- that number could grow to 4-thousand. >> catherine:president obama was talking about ebola again today.after an introduction from ebola survivor dr. kent brantly.
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>> catherine:the president -- telling america to prepare for more cases. >> catherine:and we all got a better idea of what ebola feels like. the cameraman who just lived through it is talking about it. >> catherine: >>: muscle pains aches the physical weakness. i would see people laying in front of treatment centers try and get medical negligence lange on the ground. you can't set up at least a completely understood they had no absolutely no energy. >> pam:only one person with ebola is still being treated in the u-s -- doctor craig spencer in new york. another spot where there's tension over ebola -- connecticut.
5:33 pm
>> catherine:that's where a school official is defending her decision to bar a third grade girl from returning to class until november 2nd. >> catherine:the girl had been in nigeria with her family. her father says there is no ebola in nigeria - and the decision to keep his daughter home is 'irrational.' >> pam: we have updates on our face book in twitter pages about ebola. >> pam: happening now game 7 is under way. >> pam: there brooding on their team to the championship. >> pam: the giants are going for their third world series crown in five years. >> reporter: the crowd is starting to grow out here. >> reporter: when i first
5:34 pm
got here you could see the crowd of thousands of giants fans packing the civic center watching games 7 on the big screen. is it was disposed happened last night the winning day. >>: is a very different outcome from yesterday but crossing our fingers. >>: lot loud crazy. >>: would be very sad if we don't win. >> reporter: a lot of crazy fans out here obviously.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: reporting live in san francisco. >> pam:and this is what the giants are playing for. the winner of tonight's game takes home "the commisoner trophy" >> pam:created in 1967 by major league baseball. the sanhave displayed the tiffany designed prize twice already. >> pam:here are some cool facts about the trophy. it stands 24 inches tall. >> pam:and made of sterling silver, it weighs about 30 pounds. on the top. the trophy features 30 flags. representing each major league baseball team. >> pam:the base is engraved with the words. presented by the commissioner of baseball. and bud selig's >> reporter: probably noticed the warmer weather out there is best if you were in richmond. >> reporter: it was 82 in richmond today 79 in san francisco today 85 in santa rosa today. >> reporter: 82 in redwood
5:36 pm
city. >> reporter: big changes are coming. >> reporter: a pretty decent storm system is set to impact us late tomorrow early friday. >> reporter: that will continue to the midnight hour. >> reporter: at the 3:00 hour and starts to roll to north bay. >> reporter: you look at the potential for thunderstorms a yawl halloween evening. >> pam: coming up the 545 halloween is a booming business find out what people are spending on their pets. >> pam: hubbard was using technology to their advantage. >> pam: a bond buying program was shut down
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news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you. >> pam: keyless entry devices are used to break into cars in concord. >> reporter: this is a very secluded neighborhood it happen over monday night. well it happened early monday morning we had just finished watching the world series the giants to just one. we went to sleep businesses view usual around 230 in the morning they were walking around the neighborhood came
5:41 pm
up to our car which was parked outside and had some kind of electronic device which they use to gain entry to my car. >> reporter: you dan even know what you get ready to go work. i went to my car did not look normal and i saw that and that things had been taken. >> reporter: as kind shocking actually used look good stuff and they see someone take buy things that i have actual footage of the entire incident. >> reporter: the good part is that never made entry into your house. >>: that's correct we haveern ir my neighborhood my garage door opener was inside my
5:42 pm
car. >> reporter: gramm tells me that in the meantime he's part all the cars in the garage-. >> reporter: that if you must park your car on the street try to remove your valuables. >> reporter: rain on the way to the bay area. >> reporter: starting friday will talk about the parade retreating.
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>> pam:
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>> pam:one of the fastest growing sectors of halloween spending, is costumes for pets. and manufacturers are happy to indulge the whims of pet owners with more creative outfits. >> reporter:karin caifa has tips to keep fido happy and safe, in our consumer watch. newman >> reporter: >> reporter:playing dress-up means serious business, with americans expected to spend 2-point-eight-billion dollars on halloween costumes this year. >> reporter:but it's not just kids' fix turtles and frozen flying off shelves at this wal-mart virginia. >>:we've seen a tremendous growth in the pet category over the last few years now, as customers are getting more engaged and involved with their pets in terms of holidays, specifically the halloween holiday. >> reporter:from bananas to superheroes, the business of decking out fluffy and fido is booming. this year, americans will spend $350 million on pet costumes, >> reporter:up almost 60 percent since the first time the national retail federation started tallying in 20-10. >> reporter:the most popular
5:47 pm
outfits - >> reporter:-- a pumpkin >> reporter: >> reporter: -- a hot dog >> reporter:-- and a devil >> reporter:the a-s-p-c-a offers some halloween reminders for the 23 million pet owners expected to dress up their pets. >> reporter:-- first, don't put a pet in a costume unless you know they'll be comfortable wearing it. >> reporter:-- make sure the costume is safe, without constricting movement, or the ability to bark, breathe or meow. >> reporter:-- try those costumes on for a trial run before the big night, and if pets show discomfort or distress, reconsider the plan to dress them up. >> reporter:and be sure to keep human halloween treats away from pets. candy - especially chocolate - pumpkins, and decorative corn can be dangerous. >> reporter:for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa.
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>> reporter: upper '70's and the fallout of locations. >> reporter: increasing clouds as the storm approaches which will happen a prop probably friday morning. >> reporter: rangel be an afternoon on friday. >> reporter: will have warmer and drier conditions this saturday and sunday. >> reporter: 60s near the coast 68 san francisco. >> reporter: the satellite shows of their clear skies over the california region. >> reporter: it's been fairly stationary out there the past couple of days. >> reporter: tomorrow evening the rain will
5:49 pm
kickoff. >> reporter: it will continue and the to the midnight hour and a cold front will be coming through. >> reporter: by six would be looking at widespread rain friday. >> reporter: still looks according to this computer model the giants should be in the clear until noon. >> reporter: was put the difference this rain could be living rings out of the golden gate. >> reporter: for the checkered treaters the rain stayed out of the bay area by six. >> reporter: and the flowers will increase in the evening hours. >> reporter: for trucker treaters by the state showers and a forecast this
5:50 pm
bring the rate code and the umbrella. >> reporter: does look like some small the rain will turn to snow snow >> reporter: kind of spotty smut snow by 11:00. >> reporter: a winter storm watch will be an area for the weekend up to 14 in. of snow in the higher planes. >> reporter: calls to rein in the morning followed by thunderstorms in the evening. >> pam: >> catherine: windows when you fly.
5:51 pm
because the designers of tomorrow's airplanes are coming up with planes that have almost nothing 'but' a view. >> catherine:this is a design being considered by airbus - which provides the ultimate window seat. >> catherine:but they're not really windows -- they're using high resolution cameras to broadcast a panoramic view. >> catherine:here's an even more seamless design - being floated by another company. these concept planes would use transparent materials that eliminate the need >> catherine:for the traditional window. and if you think it's spooky -- you could wave your hand and turn 'off' the view. >> catherine:at least three different companies are talking about this. >> catherine: since
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another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> pam: some major. >> pam: if dealing with the
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futures of the clans and the palance. >> reporter: nine months after sitting down with the insider and pailin is trying to get back in her critics. it invigorates me to run for office. >> reporter: see was the sidekick for 2008 presidential election. i believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any fed policy. clinton's are the epitome of washington pedigree.
5:56 pm
and while all signs are pointing to a 2016 run. palance says i don't know someone to go up against her but it would be good competition. >> pam: and next at 6 concerned about ebola. >> pam: and more informational the doctor that wound up in hospital after returning from liberia. >> pam: taking a look and all motorcyclists rescue the woman in need.
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>> catherine: the barry does have the first possibly by the center doctor has been working with ebola patients in liberia. he has a team ready to have an itch and sexist diseases patients. >> catherine: the a bowl processes set up by the california area department. >> catherine: he will be staying in the san mateo county home he has limited outdoor activityoutdoor
6:01 pm
>> catherine: again he does not have symptoms but he has to avoid close contact with others. >> pam: today's development at san mateo county. >> pam: come on the same day state officials issued new guidelines for quarantining those at risk of ebola. >> reporter: >> pam: kron 4 is >>dan kerman as part of the coverage. >> reporter: that does not necessarily mean isolation in one's home or hospital. >>: >> reporter: doctor eric a kind says it will be local
6:02 pm
health officers that will determine the restrictions of the quarantines on the case by case basis. we try to understand what with this person would have and and having contact with other people. >> reporter: con says some can be determined to be high rest. it >> reporter: the ones that are considered low risk they will be more stringent. they have to take the temperature once a day checking later in the day. allowing them to do activities and stay with their families. >> reporter: what is clear
6:03 pm
is unlikely that the state of california well quarantine people and tense. >> reporter: while these new state guidelines take effect immediately. >> reporter: at the alameda county of department of health kron 4 news. >> pam: kron 4 doctor, has a page dedicated to a polo and you can find out on the mobile map to to >> pam: game 7 of the world series is set we have coverage. >> pam: they are stone is live in kansas city j.r. what's the moonlight. >> reporter: 0 p.m. we got
6:04 pm
ourselves an exciting game. >> reporter: and it's been an exciting night and of the exciting day in the bay area. >> reporter: and lots of orange and black. i decided to come to the game instead of making money. i fought at this is that. of yesterday's game of the $2,000 to get at ticket. i got here yes they not in time enough to bring the mojo a to not gonna do it.
6:05 pm
i want baumgartner to to take it. i want him to come in. >> reporter: even the little kid knows what's going on and. >> reporter: and have to give credit to the kansas city royals fans. >> reporter: the people in kansas city have been very nice. >> pam: things there are now out to scott rates. >> reporter: will giants fans are really starting to pack the center. >> reporter: we've seen several more fans the last few hours for game 7 to see
6:06 pm
it for the deceit on the screen. >> reporter: the energy out here is a little bit different than it was yesterday. >> reporter: they knew they had a game to fall back gone so they're a little bit more on edge today. >> reporter: the officers are in and around the crowd making sure there are no open containers of beer. >> reporter: this guy has a really cool automobile decked out in giants colors. >> reporter: >>: of bad habits 2014 license plates. a painted the wheels warned. and here
6:07 pm
they are the final game of the world series and i have faith in their gut a pullet through and even if they don't some reason they're still champs. >> reporter: the security will be ready testing case the giants do win game 7 for any violence. >> reporter: will be back on patrol throughout all the areas. >> reporter: a warm day around the bay area today temperatures reaching 8 east today were under mostly clear skies today peak through much of the bay area. >> reporter: 77 in santa rosa looking ahead to took tomorrow and friday rain will come.
6:08 pm
>> reporter: this of final funnelling light sours and slowly starting to sag to the south into friday. >> reporter: the biff used showers and the main band. >> reporter: there will be a few showers coming i had. >> reporter: led to know if the rain is gonna be sticking around after friday. >> reporter: >> pam: will show you some amazing video video of but when a motorcycle comes to rescue on the highway. it
6:09 pm
>> pam: a perfect stop for big ships on the bay. a remote that lives on your phone.
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>> pam: san jose's. >> reporter: the exact number was not immediately available several arrests were made on wednesday. >> reporter: was looking for
6:16 pm
for people with outstanding arrest warrants. looking before we don't want people to be victimized and looking closely for the people that are in the encampments and try to close them down. >> reporter: their people living here in tents and makeshift structures. >> reporter: at the same time police and members of the homeless abatement came team says the the jumbo will be taken down in december. >> reporter: we will put down 72 hour notice to let them know that the city will be coming in to pull out all the waste that has been a quick accumulated.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: the city has a program to get as many joggle residents as possible for house public housing. >> pam: a cabaret parking lot is the homicide scene tonight tonight >> pam: take a look the picture shows were a man was gunned down last night. >> pam: you can see someone entering the parking lot at the sea breeze cathay and the police are looking for those two vehicles. policy does >>: and show them entering. and to be a chevy or ford truck. you can see that
6:18 pm
vehicle entering the location but we don't see them coming out of a lot. the victim as for people involved including the victim. >> pam: crime scene investigators areinvestigating e area and investigating a motive for the shooting and it looks like it was not a random act of violence. >> pam: 2 pleasanton man have been charged in the stabbing that have left a man with serious injuries. >> pam: he was stabbed in the parking lot of a plaza speed washed laundromat on october 20th at. >> pam: test he has been
6:19 pm
charged with attempted murder the 24 josef chess is also facing charges for acting as the getaway driver. >> pam: a san mateo county social workers facing multiple molestation charges. >> pam: authorities allege that he was engaged in an ongoing sexual relationship with the 60 year-old girl the was under his supervision and he was arrested on tuesday the case was closed at the time because of inconclusive evidence it has been reopened and now all the cases are under review. the somebody hears the story seizes name or seizes picture it will help to get people to come forward. >> pam: we have an anonymous tip line.
6:20 pm
>> pam: he is out of $400,000 bail out and due to be arraigned on december 1st. >> reporter: as the storm approaches we will be releasing grain until tomorrow night and friday morning. >> reporter: would devastate a pretty decent rainfall total anywhere from 1/4 french quarter inch of rain to an inch of rain. >> reporter: spotty thunderstorms though and small hail is possible. >> reporter: sunny skies right now clear skies over the bay area bands of rain are up north. >> reporter: this could edge water's edge towards us tomorrow evening. >> reporter: a cold front is
6:21 pm
coming as we enter into the overnight hours. >> reporter: pushing to the north bay. >> reporter: is gonna continue in the south or progression. >> reporter: the rain will be sticking around to one and 2:00 in the afternoon. >> reporter: it may stay longer around the south bay area. >> reporter: things will be dry until the 6:00 area were hoping for the trip to treaters. >> reporter: the core of the system pushes over us and will keep spotting thunderstorms. >> reporter: and hope it won't pop back up until about 10:00 at night so the
6:22 pm
student trecker treaters will be a better enjoy their holiday. >> reporter: above 7,000 ft. there be a blast of cold air bringing snow. >> reporter: a look at the extended forecast we do have the storm system that will impact this friday and saturday and it would have one or conditions through the weekend. >> pam: were following breaking news of military plane has crashed. >> pam: keyless entry into your car can be conveying it with leaves are using it to break into cars. >> reporter: coming up to one secord's of people behaving badly right outside kaiser medical center also
6:23 pm
you more in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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6:26 pm
>> pam: breaking news of military aircraft has crashed it crashed into a field. it >> pam: in ventura county there at the scene and we will bring you additional information as it becomes available. >> pam: a motorcyclist russians to free a woman trapped underneath her car in san diego highway it was recorded a hot on his aw hell my camera and it is now gone viral one year later who was with heading home on his bike when he came upon the trapped driver and he quickly sprang into action. erst perseverance seatbelt
6:27 pm
was wrapped round the upper body her suffocating he thought she was suffocating issues panicking. >> pam: who went to work cutting the cboe and eventually was able to free the driver's soon after the incident you're going to put the video on you to it did go buyer for few days is zooming past 500,000 hits he helps anyone who sees of the hit video is inspired to help others. help others. >> pam: meet someone during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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>> pam: >> pam: tonight the first person valuated for the bowler virus isn't modified
6:31 pm
isolation. >> pam: he returned to the bay area friday but he does not have sent symptoms but he is at rest some rest. >> pam: at the stanford medical center he was told to avoid close contact with others take his temperature twice a day and he's done paid leave for 21 days and again he does not have symptoms right now >> reporter: here in alameda county public health department there are new guidelines for quarantine for those that have attracted a bola. >> reporter: the doctored traveled from an ebola virus area. >> reporter: any case that hasn't been confirmed will become will be quarantined for a least 21 days it will be up the east county health
6:32 pm
officer to make and up a decision on a case by case basis. it >> pam: >> reporter: concord police are looking for people that use a keyless device to open cars and take personal possessions of home owners. >> reporter: homeowners had surveillance cameras and they are encouraging homeowners to park their cars in the grosz. >> reporter: and not to keep any valuables in the car. >> reporter: here in oakland the 08 k service is just about ready to roll for the holidays.
6:33 pm
it will be $6 to write the cart to the airport. want to get off your right of the policies the coliseum and get off the. >> reporter: in kansas city is all about the world series game 7 between the san francisco giants in the kansas city royals could >> reporter: many fans just made the trek in the last 12 hours to get here tonight. >> reporter: here at civic center plaza their thousands of giant fans watching the game on the big screen. >> reporter: somewhat nervous tonight is the last game. >> reporter: saw lot of energy out here.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: there are a lot of people out here. >> reporter: officers making sure everything stays moves. >> reporter: giants fans have filled all local bars and they're rooting for their team. >> reporter: the ads are hoping the giants complot this win for the world series. >> reporter: in san francisco on mother is no for nurturing her children. >> reporter: 62 children are to grass and not so. >> reporter: she has been making their costumes for the last four years from scratch.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: are big with the story tonight is gonna be pretty strong storms coming tonight thursday night into friday morning. >> reporter: here's a look at tomorrow evening showers out ahead of the main band of rain. >> reporter: the main front is into the north bay by free tomorrow. >> reporter: it will impact much of the bay area by the 6:00 hour. >> reporter: another computer model puts the front and the south bay are around 1:00 in the afternoon. >> reporter: you can anticipate that is, stick around all the morning. >> reporter: will see friday
6:36 pm
showers spelling in behind it. >> reporter: into saturday morning we could see up to a foot of snow in some sense. >> reporter: tomorrow pretty mild the clouds will increase spotty thunderstorms in the afternoon and a calendar into saturday morning. >> reporter: people behaving badly >> reporter: if you leave kaiser medical center and you go across the cop crosswalk and less than four minutes. >> reporter: this is what employees and visitors at kaiser medical center have figured out out >> reporter: cost $200 for a
6:37 pm
jaywalking ticket. >> reporter: after receiving a club the and they spoke sit a lot of people violating state law sometimes stopping traffic. >> reporter: even security setup to make sure wasn't on their property. >> reporter: people crossing appeared to doctors and people in hospital scrubs. >> reporter: these two people appeared to change their minds but it was a fake out >> reporter: some jobbers of cellphone distracted drivers and you never recipe for disaster >> reporter: so the fee if you get hit to cost you about a thousand dollars.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: i.e. intersections traffic control of this is the district of reconsidered jaywalking. >> reporter: the city of walnut creek's policy is not to mistreat crosswalks. >> reporter: there is a way of making the crossing coleco turn the business district into a residential district and then you across pitcher on rest. >> pam: last friday is growing every year at thanksgiving is drinking. >> pam: say that stopping for friday is coming up.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
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>> pam:more stores saying they won't cave in to the pressure to start "black friday" early. game-stop and nordstrom announced today they will *not be open for business on thanksgiving. >> pam:they're following the lead of costco, which said its stores will be closed on turkey day to give employees time with their families. >> pam:the trend toward early black friday sales reached a fever pitch last year, with kmart opening at 6 a-m on thanksgiving. >> pam:both macy's and walmart started their thanksgiving sales at 6 p-m. >> pam: coming up and sports we have an update on the game 7 of the world series.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: thank you for making kron 4 your alternative living station.
6:46 pm
>> gary: giants scored to the giants came back and tied it. >> reporter: right now they're in the fifth inning the giants a letting 32. >> gary: whoever wins this game is crowned the world champion. >> gary: just enjoy our world series coverage and plan your weekend is never too late. >> gary: we promoted on my monday. some and it would as something new which your hair.
6:47 pm
>> gary: walking dead. >> pam: if no one watches us through the weekday? >> gary: if you don't like joe buckler keller television we're still here for you. >> gary: show manning said all the sudden said tampa bay and one out. >> gary: he is the new skipper of the chicago cubs. >> gary: as the old saying goes mad and is gonna be the
6:48 pm
man. >> gary: the announcement could come by it by this weekend to plan what to give seven to nine a kent too little bit. you think the giants will pitch baumgartner? >> gary: always great to have fun with cap. >> gary: 10 of this from our radio show the forty-niners are hoping the giants win in general because it just puts more pressure on them carry it >> gary: 01 of them talk in the four guns.
6:49 pm
>> gary: if your selling advertising in your set stadium is selling the game program then say you can't spend your money on the world champion giants. >> gary: afflict the warriors opening night. >> pam: the fans is looking for us to have all these great things right? >> gary: i'm telling you what i know of my experience. your member the capet 89 when the giants played the eighth it was split into.
6:50 pm
>> gary: that was the big thing if you bought one those debts you were not a real fans. >> gary: cattle waste all this good stuff today. >> gary: marcus lattimore running backs has a lot of talent. >> gary: hes suffered a serious knee injury and he is years ago and he is coming to try to come back. thank you roden >>: a barbecue or your call on best-audio difficulties
6:51 pm
>> gary: about 10 minutes in sacramento tonight he agley thompsons say that shooting backcourts in the nba. is great for every team opening night there's a bus before the given to the grind. the routines since then game after game. all the guys are jacked up and ready to go. >> gary: >> pam: another look at what
6:52 pm
could turn out to be a saudi trecker treat this halloween.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> pam: the video to show you about allow boat cruising toward civilization and hawaii. >> pam: as of 5:00 tonight the officials reported a lot louder as about 11 of a basketball court from a house. >> pam: a couple will live there as already moved out. so far the most constrained has burned a shed some trees vegetation upon taking down its first major structure the front edges between 40 and 50 yds across. >> reporter: we could have a giant parade as well as the
6:56 pm
trucker traders friday but rain will be coming in. >> reporter: a computer model shows it will be coming in a little bit later if that happens future task which the a and later in the day. >> reporter: we should see dry conditions for the parade and the trucker treaters are around 6:00. >> reporter: the core of the storm will come than about nine tense about to give you a couple hours to get stricter trading kent. >> reporter: afternoon and evening hours the temperatures will drop off dramatically. >> pam: check kron 4 doc,
6:57 pm
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> i'm going to bug the crap out of him by running for office in the future. >> whoa. did palin just hint at a presidential run? >> so could a hillary/sarah showdown be in the works? >> i would love to see women duking it out for that leadership role. heck, yeah. >> could you imagine a first man face-off? bill versus todd. >> but the real winner in this scenario, "saturday night live." >> can you believe it, hillary? the amanda bynes conservatorship is staggering. i'm a very lucky girl. >> the other big buzz, cbs' sexy new couple on and off screen. i've got the clues to their romance. >> we're going to make magic, dylan. this story is trending everywhere. no papa ashton dishing on diaper duty. >> it's unbelievable.
7:00 pm
then you know of george, judd, and spike. >> spike and i are both entrepreneurs. >> now we're going inside the better halves behind some of hollywood's most powerful directors. >> meantime, i'm with another power player only in some circles. >> have you seen any of the movies? >> no. >> let's go inside. >> i haven't made many in the last few years that they can see. now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's the "insider" together with yahoo! well, all right, all right, all right, make another run for oscar, another buzz he delivered another stellar performance. hey, everyone, i'm thea andrews. >> i'm louis aguirre. i had a great conversation with matthew about the film and his life with camila and the kids. major speculation between two others families. >> could it come down to a showdown between the palins and clintons in 2016? while country awaits confirmation of this super hot ticket, hillary versus sarah, we go inside the potential of a matchup made in pop culture heaven.


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